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Re-define “What Good Looks Like” for Aging


Focus on the Experience of Getting Old and Being Old

Our Stories

Our story began in 2001 when we spent our first night together in ISU's Maple Hall (Ames, IA, USA; population: 50,697) 

Kenny is passionate about building a harmonized and sustainable society. He recognizes the ageing population and the need to evolve what's being offered to them. He co-founded Silvermorph Charity with the hope to create robust and longer-term solutions that better address our elders and, equally important, their families and their caregivers.

Jordan spent most of his out-of-school childhood at his mom's elderly homes. He had witnessed what it takes to run a good elderly home. After spending almost 20 years abroad, the experience has broadened his view on what good could look like of being old and getting old. Intersecting with his mom's thoughts of retirement, he decided to come back to Hong Kong to pick up the legacy of long term care operations. On the other hand, he co-founded Silvermorph Charity with Kenny to step outside of the operator and look at ageing through the lens of the elders. 


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